Should you find a lost pet bring it in and let us scan for a microchip. We have reunited numerous escapees over the years.

We are currently offering coupons for the purchase of Heartguard Plus, NexGard, and Simparica Trio.  These coupons lower the prices significantly and will certainly beat any price found online.

Larchmont Animal Hospital is situated on a beautiful piece of wooded property.  We invite you to roam our nature trail which wanders down to Parker’s Creek.

Times are tough these days, financially!  We have made an effort to keep our prices economical and reasonable.  Also, we will make every effort to work within your budget.  Feel free to ask us for an estimate before starting any work .  We also offer CARE CREDIT which is a popular format for financing those expensive procedures.

It looks like this is going to be another bad year for ticks. Ask us about vaccinating your dog for Lyme disease. We also have an in-house diagnostic test which only takes 5 minutes to determine whether your dog has any of the 4 most common tick diseases which we see in our area. We recently added to our flea and tick control 2 products called NexGard (for dogs) and Seresto Collars (for dogs and cats). These products begin to kill fleas and ticks within one hour of application; before these parasites may actually bite the pet and spread disease This is particularly useful for pets who have flea allergies and who will not tolerate the slow onset of most other flea control products. 

We still carry the topical product Frontline.

Rabies vaccination is extremely important these days—even for indoor only pets. It was not that long ago that one of our own clients brought in a rabies positive cat. 

Drs. Helfat and Tamas are federally accredited. This being the case, we may certify your pets for national and international travel.  Please allow plenty of time for this procedure as some countries require 6 months or more to complete the process.