Larchmont Animal Hospital also offers professional dog and cat grooming. Karin has worked at the hospital for over 17 years and is very knowledgeable and gentle. Karin offers safe and talented hair cuts and a full line of baths and shampoos. When needed, cats may be sedated at the owner’s request. A 10% discount is offered for first-time clients. Grooming may be arranged while pets are boarded. Karin is very attentive, and will recommend medical attention for animals who require such (parasites, allergies, infections, etc.).

Before any grooming is started, Karin will consult with the owner and understand their needs. The grooming rates are very reasonable and vary by breed and style of cut. Rabies vaccination is required for all grooming services. Please call for an appointment or stop by and talk with Karin about your grooming needs ahead of time.